10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (2023)

Canopy beds typically feature vertical posts that extend a few feet above the mattress at each corner of the bed. The tops of the posts connect above the bed, usually forming a rectangular panel. Canopy beds are popular for their lavish design and feeling of grandeur. They are typically found in kids’ rooms and master bedrooms; they can form a hideout or a fortress for kids or a love nest for couples. For more detailed information, take a look at our comprehensive guide to canopy beds, different types of canopy beds, and how to use a canopy bed on the floor. Also, we can show you how to convert any bed into a canopy bed. In this article, however, we’ll tell you about 10 canopy bed accessories and why you need them.

Canopy bed accessories include curtains, mosquito nets, curtain tie backs, LED lights, draped string lights with bulbs, round canopy nets, bed tents, bed skirts, bed benches, and throw pillows. You’ll need these accessories to complete the look of your canopy bed, add some visual interest to your bedroom, and make your canopy bed more practical and comfortable to use.

Because of their height, canopy beds are best used in large areas with high ceilings. Whether they’re made of wood, iron, metal, or bamboo, canopy beds can suit any style, from medieval to modern. The canopy framework can even be shaped into sophisticated curves or sharp angles depending on your design preference. Decorative fabric can drape over the canopy bed and hang along the bed posts, making the canopy bed a versatile piece of furniture.

You can style a canopy bed with linens, curtains, tulle, or other accessories such as protective nets or lighting. Canopy bed accessories are not only used to make the room stand out, but they can also be used to keep the bed warm, muffle sounds, and create a private atmosphere.

Below, you will find a list of 10 canopy bed accessories and a description of why you need them.


Curtains Are the Ultimate Canopy Bed Accessory

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (1)There are many different styles of canopy bed curtains to choose from. Image from Amazon.

The simplest and easiest way to decorate your canopy bed is with curtains (here’s an example from Amazon). You can choose any color or type of material (silk, linen, velvet, chintz, cotton, and more) to match your style and bedroom decor. Translucent curtains can help create an airy, breezy ambiance, whereas opaque curtains offer more privacy and a bolder look.

Canopy bed curtains can be tied to the bed posts or they can flow freely around the bed. You can also hook them into the ceiling or drape them from the tops of the four bed posts. Curtains add a beautiful touch to your canopy bed, but keep in mind that they must be washed and maintained regularly. Take a look at our canopy bed scarf guide,how to drape canopy beds, or how to hang sheers on a canopy bed for more ideas and instructions.

Mosquito Nets Are Useful for Warm Climates

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (2)Mosquito nets can be practical and useful canopy bed accessories. Image from Amazon.

If you live in a warm climate, a mosquito net can add some practicality and elegance to your bedroom. Mosquito nets are made of see-through mesh that doesn’t block your view when you lie in bed. Simple mosquito nets like this one from Amazon are also easily installed; they can either hang from hooks on the ceiling and wall anchors, or they can hang directly over the top corners of the bed posts.

When closed, mosquito nets enhance the quality of your sleep by preventing mosquitoes and other unwanted insects from entering your bed (for information about the efficacy of using mosquito nets to prevent mosquito-borne malaria, see this study). The fabric overlaps on all sides of the bed for full protection but provides four openings for easy access when needed. These nets are also transportable and can therefore be used when you are lounging outdoors.

Curtain Tie Backs Help Hold Your Canopy Bed’s Curtains

Curtain tie backs can help make your canopy bed look neat and organized. Image from Amazon. ALT: Canopy bed curtain tie backs

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Curtain tie backs are the most convenient way to clip back the curtains of a canopy bed (here’s an example of curtain tie backs from Amazon), and they can be an elegant canopy bed accessory. They usually attach to the wall via hooks and loop around the curtains to keep them open. However, magnetic curtain tie backs are a better alternative to standard tie backs because they keep the curtains open without having to drill holes or anchor hooks to the wall.

If the tie backs are too long, you can wind them several times around the curtains to hold them tightly without sliding down. You can also position the tie backs on each corner of the bed so that they hold the curtains the way you want (either fully or partially closed). When not in use, it’s a good idea to keep them clipped somewhere on the curtains to avoid losing them.

LED Lights Make a Dreamy Addition to a Canopy Bed

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (3)LED lights are another great canopy bed accessory. Image from Roomhints.

LED lights (here are some durable ones on Amazon) are battery-powered lights that provide your bedroom with a warm glow that will make your canopy bed even cozier. These lights create a lovely and welcoming atmosphere without harming the eyes. They are easily wrapped around the bed rails and light the bed well for reading or lounging in bed. These lights can be used safely with or without curtains, and they can stay on for hours on end.

Draped String Lights with Bulbs Give Your Canopy Bed a Modern Look

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (4)Draped string lights can give your bedroom some extra lighting and personality. Image from DigsDigs.

String lights with bulbs (here’s an example) can be draped elegantly across the rails of your canopy bed, much like the LED lights we previously discussed. However, draped string lights with bulbs are a much more modern and chic lighting option. The additional lighting they provide will give the room an enchanting ambiance and make the bed more welcoming. Draped string lights can give the bedroom a magical glow and create a romantic atmosphere. Make sure to also take a look at our related article comparing a sleigh bed vs canopy bed for more ideas.

Round Lace Canopy Nets Make Your Bed More Romantic

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (5)Round lace canopy nets can make your bed look romantic and fun. Image from Amazon.

Round lace canopy nets (here’s an example) are beautiful canopy designs that add a romantic atmosphere to your bed setup. The fabric is soft and lightweight, and it drapes loosely and gracefully from the ceiling. Round lace canopy nets can enclose the whole bed, and they have a single opening where the two sides of the net meet and overlap. They are translucent, so you can still see through the net even when it’s closed and the light becomes softly filtered.

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These can add a beautiful touch to your room while also keeping away insects and flies to ensure you have a peaceful night. These types of nets are versatile and can also be used for decorating babies’ rooms or for lounging outdoors.

Bed Tents Make Canopy Beds Extra Fun for Kids

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (6)Try adding a bed tent to make your kids’ bed into a canopy bed. Image from Amazon.

Bed tents (here’s an example) are not suspended from the ceiling like some other canopy bed accessories. Instead, they use poles to keep their shape on the bed without wobbling, and they hook to each corner of the mattress via loop bands and therefore remain upright on the bed. The tent can be opened from three different sides, so you can get in and out of bed easily without disturbing anyone else.

Bed tents stay cool due to a mesh vent at the top. When closed, the tent gives you privacy, promotes a warm and cozy sleep, and prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering your bed. Bed tents can be used by anybody, but they are an especially fun way for kids to have their own camping adventure at home.

Bed Skirts Are Canopy Bed Accessories that Complete Your Bed’s Look

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (7)Adding a bed skirt that complements your canopy bed’s curtains can make your bedroom look stylish and cohesive. Image from Amazon.

Bed skirts (here’s an example) are bed accessories that are easily wrapped around the box spring or other mattress foundation. They cascade down to the floor and stylishly conceal the gap between the bed frame and the floor; therefore, they keep the box spring, mattress, and storage space underneath the bed out of sight but easily accessible. Bed skirts also protect against dust (for more information about dust and other bedroom allergens, see this study), and they make your bed look more polished and refined.

Bed skirts usually have beautiful ruffles and split corners, and they can be a lovely compliment to any curtains you’re using on your canopy bed. Bed skirts are available in different colors and patterns to match the style of your bedroom, and they can be made out of any kind of fabric.

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Bed Benches Are Both Practical and Versatile

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (8)There are many beautiful bed benches to choose from. Image from Pinterest.

Adding a bench to the foot of your canopy bed can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom (here’s an example of a bed bench from Amazon). A bed bench can bring life and a more finished look to the beams and shape of a canopy bed. Bed benches come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, all of which can embellish the bed area and make it look more cohesive with the rest of the bedroom.

However, this piece of furniture is not only used for aesthetic purposes. In fact, bed benches are versatile and commonly used for their practicality. They provide a comfortable place to sit, get dressed, or tie your shoes, and if there is storage inside or underneath the bench, they can also be used to store various items such as extra pillows and bedding.

Throw Pillows Are a Great Finishing Touch

10 Canopy Bed Accessories & Why You Need Them With Pictures (9)Adding throw pillows to your canopy bed can be the perfect finishing touch. Image from Pinterest.

Canopy beds feature solid beams and hard lines, which can make them look boxy and plain. Introducing decorative elements like throw pillows (here’s an example) can add more color and vivacity to the bed area. In fact, any bed type would benefit from throw pillows because they add functionality and a touch of freshness and warmth to the bed.

Throw pillows come in different colors, patterns, and materials, and they provide character, comfort, and support. They can help you sit in a comfortable position on the bed, or they can act as a barrier to prevent babies or young children from falling off the bed. Adding throw pillows can be the perfect finishing touch to your canopy bed’s decor.

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